Totoro Costume DIY!

October has gone by so quickly! California is BARELY starting to get chilly and Halloween is already next week! A lot of you know that I closed my shop to work on costumes for my family. I decided that I wanted Appolina to be Totoro for halloween after I saw THIS (last year!!) So I franticly searched the web for a totoro costume because I wanted MY kid to look THAT CUTE! after finding nothing similar or in my price range I told myself and my husband for reassurance “I can do this” … and I did, by the way this is my very first sewing project. 

Long story short, this took me 5 days (not entire days). I bought everything from Joannes Fabric store and spent $20 (with coupons and in-store sales) which was not too shabby because I am totally on a budget! I eyeballed everything and I asked questions. I ran into a lot of trouble with the sewing machine (first time remember?) so I read the manuel and I watched youtube “how-to” videos, I did not make the costume exactly like she did, I used what I had and I did what I knew. For a costume, I think I did a good job and I am very proud of myself .. I almost gave up ..twice. I found everything that I needed at , she’s a seamstress wizard and has a gorgeous child! Im so happy she made this costume because if it wasn’t for her then apple would be something else ! Thank you “YOUANDMIE” !

Have a Happy Halloween! Breeshark


11 responses to “Totoro Costume DIY!

  1. It looks soooooo great!! I can’t believe that’s your first sewing project! That’s extremely ambitious – I mean, most people start with a rectangular pouch or something. I’m so glad that you didn’t give up and I bet you are too – it’s fantastic and something to be really proud of! Thanks so much for sharing this with me and linking my site too. I hope you guys have a great Halloween!!

    • I taught myself through books and the Internet , oh and by looking at your photos! Lol it’s good enough for a costume and I love how she looks in it so I’m satisfied! Have a happy Halloween as well!

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  3. OMG! Would you mind to share how-to?? I am a beginner to sewing and just decided my 6 months old will be Totoro too! Pretty please?

    • I honestly just eyeballed everything! I do not know 5 things about my sewig machine lol anyway… I basically just took one of my daughters onesies and traced the entire thing on the gray fabric so I had a template. I gave my length and width an extra 2 inches because I wanted a chubby totoro, not a skinny one. I also traced one if her hoods from a hoodie sweat and attached it. The back has a zipper seen in and added elastic to the wrists and ankles. The belly was a separate piece of white felt and I sewed the grey v shapes onto the white felt first and then sewed the entire piece to my costume. I also bought some stuffing and stuff the belly to make her look rounder! The ears were simple, just a hand drawn skinny oval shape for the template, sew them together but leave an opening for for stuffing and extra fabric around the bottom to make it easier to attach the ears to your hood! Let me know if you have more questions! I’ll do what I can 🙂

  4. Can you make one for my 20 month old? I am as handy for sewing as a bull in a China shop.

    • Deborah! This was one of my very first sewing projects, i made a lot of mistakes! I would not sell this suit to anyone BUT I assure you that anyone can make it!!! im so sorry but I hope you understand!

  5. I really want to surprise my girlfriend and make us matching ones for Halloween. Me totoro and her the little navy guy. But I dont know if I would be able to make them look this good! 😦

    • I’m so sorry , I do not make these to sell and even if I did I would exclusively make them for toddlers becuase it was very time consuming. BUT it really wasnt hard! Don’t underestimate yourself! This was my first BIG sewing project, If I can do it … so can you! good luck!

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